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Trudi Dempsey

creative equine training

About Me


Since creating and judging tests with Interdressage Trudi has used the internet as training tool with great success. This medium enables her to reach students wherever they are in the world and to offer dynamic, intuitive feedback. Feedback from distant students has been very encouraging and remote training has proved ideal for those who are unable to travel or to find a like-minded trainer nearby.  Through individual video feedback and developmental courses Trudi is able to offer support and inspiration from the basics onwards. Students can attend clinics, private sessions and/or access the online training school with personally tailored lessons and all with the same attention to detail. Trudi continues to study and expand her knowledge of positive reinforcement techniques (primarily operant conditioning), horse physiology and psychology.

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About Trudi

Trudi has been a dressage coach for 15 years and specialises in the fundamentals of balance work, both on the ground and ridden.  She has always had a passion for gymnastic training and has invested many years in researching the most simple and ethological systems.  


Born and raised in Warwickshire, Trudi spent ten years living and working in France before settling in the south west of England. She now lives on Exmoor with her family, where she trains her two PRE horses.


Trudi trained under the Dressage for All system with Penny Hillsdon before taking on her own students from 1998. In 2000 she completed judge training with British Dressage and currently creates and judges Baroque Dressage tests for Interdressage.


Trudi seeks simplicity in her work, breaking down more complicated systems into smaller, logical elements that create a strong base to build upon, resulting in responsive partnerships between horse and rider. She uses positive reinforcement techniques in her own training and blends this with Classical French dressage techniques to create a healthy balance between mind and body.

Trudi's passion lies in stripping back the layers to find what makes an individual horse tick. She strongly believes in taking as much time as the horse needs, both mentally and physically. She draws on her research into the theory of learning to ensure the horse is able to understand and progress at its own rate.

Trudi with Chapiro, a young PRE gelding beginning to show some  promise.

Trudi’s training principles