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Trudi Dempsey

creative equine training

Tips on producing quality Video

  • Videos up to 5 minutes long

  • multiple short videos are better than one long video and edit out parts where you can’t be seen clearly.

  • Better video clarity means better feedback so set your camera on the highest quality setting possible.

  • Try to video from different positions and use the zoom to help me see straightness and balance. Don’t worry if you can only video from a set position, make sure the light is good and work as close to the camera as possible.

  • Try not to wear clothes that will distort your position and make it difficult for me to see details i.e. padded  or long jackets.

Price £15

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Video Assessment

I have been using and conducting video assessment with online students and as part of online riding competitions for a long time now and found it to be a useful and effective tool. Combining my judges training with my trainers eye enables me to spot things that others don't always see.

Video feedback lessons are a great way to get detailed and instructive feedback on your work with your horse together with useful instruction and tips on how to progress.

For you, the opportunity to watch and re-watch your work and marry that up with my observations and feedback at your own speed and convenience is a powerful way to learn.

Video assessment is equally effective when used as either a stand alone to give a snapshot on current training issues and possible remedies or part of a structured online training programme.

What does it cost

I charge £15 to provide an assessment on any groundwork and riding videos of up to 5 minutes in length. You will receive in-depth feedback with training advice and links to pertinent videos and articles.

How does it work

  1. Video Production - Video your session, edit the video as necessary and upload to YouTube. See opposite for further instructions and tips.
  2. Complete a pre-assessment form including the YouTube video link.
  3. Use the PayPal button opposite to make a payment.
  4. Assessment completion - when I have received your pre-assessment form and have notification of your payment from PayPal I will complete the assessment within 5 days and email it back to you.

Video Assessment