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Trudi Dempsey

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“I treasured my training with Trudi”

- Sheila Forgham

The training of a horse, being an unnatural  process, must respect the natural ways of a  horse and embrace his spirit.

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Why train with me?

Well that's a good question! Take a look at my web site, read my blog and articles, send me an email enquiry or even have a video assessment before you feel you have enough information to decide. If you are here now it could mean that you are looking for help and maybe my ideals and principles of riding and training horses fit with yours.

The classical masters left us tried and tested methods of gymnastic training, in that respect I have nothing new to offer, I'm not reinventing the wheel.  I have spent the last ten years breaking down what they generously documented into a structured program that works for me, my students and their horses.

My training ethos focuses on simplicity; breaking down these classical methods into the smallest elements possible to create a strong base to build upon. If you are starting out with a youngster, retraining or developing your confidence to train; using ethologically sound practices works.

All of my training is tailored to suit you and your horse. I have experience working with riders/trainers from all backgrounds and of all types. All horses from leisure to competitive dressage can be helped by my structured approach to training. Whichever way you choose to study you can be sure of the same enthusiastic support and encouragement I give to all students. What are the options and how can they work for you?

What is the best training option for me?

One of the most important and difficult questions often is where to start. It really depends on you, your horse, experience and how you like to work. If you're not sure, why not start with a one off video assessment? This can provide a useful tool for me to assess your current level of work, give you a better understanding and confidence of how I work whilst allowing me to provide you with some suggestions of a way forwards. Alternatively, why not contact me via this attached enquiry form with any questions you might have before deciding on a way forward.

3. Personal Training

If you live in North Devon, Somerset area, I can offer training at your own yard

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1. Video assessment

Video assessment is a great way to get detailed and instructive feedback

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2. Online Training

Online training courses can be tailored exactly to suit you within a modular approach

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