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Trudi Dempsey

creative equine training

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Some years on the renowned judge and trainer (and my inspiration in terms of taking on judge training), Inger Bryant, had the same sympathetic approach to dressage training and would put me and my horses into situations where we could learn. Sessions rarely stopped except to rest the horse but by riding exercises that flowed from one to another it became easier to find the balance (and lose it!) and gradually create a store of different feelings that ultimately lead to a better understanding of balance.

Learning is good, it is essential for progress. We learn in many ways, through repetition, practice, watching, copying, coaching…the list goes on and is different for each individual. It is tough enough taking on new information when it's just us but add in the equine element and it gets a whole lot tougher.

I've had many teachers over the years but only a few of them have given me the tools I required to learn, lit the touch paper as it were. Sister Philomena my convent Maths teacher was the most quiet, gentle teacher who coaxed out the best of me without ever raising her voice or eyebrows at the improbability of an answer.