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On-line Training Courses

Training your horse can be a lonely task if you don't have help on-hand; a pair of eyes on the ground. It can be frustrating to know something's wrong but not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is. It's easy to lose your way without some kind of structure to your training and very quickly your enthusiasm can be dampened and the training stops. My training modules are perfect for keeping your training on track and for learning or perfecting movements.  I am happy to guide you through training bitless if that is your preference.

I strongly believe in having the basics in place before moving on which means starting at the beginning with in-hand work; my ridden teaching is based on the same principles:

  • Treat each horse as an individual; work with nature and consider the horse's physical and emotional capacities
  • Treat each rider/trainer as an individual
  • Create  simple cueing systems for perfect understanding and communication
  • Use basic gymnastic work to strengthen and supple

Start with my

Leading and work progressively through to

and onwards.

Training horses cannot be set in an immovable framework so I have designed the modules to be flexible and adaptable to suit individual needs. Having clear goals and a structured training however  is key to your eventual success.

The online course assumes the student has at least a very basic knowledge of the gaits and school movements (circles, rein changes etc). The course is designed to accommodate riders/trainers of differing abilities and aims to provide you with the tools and information you need to progress with your horse no matter what level it is working at. I will help you discover the keys to a successful physical and mental interaction with your horse; considering the horse's needs, comfort and welfare first and foremost.

Why not have a look at my training modules.

On-line training

“I treasured my training with Trudi”

- Sheila Forgham

The training of a horse, being an unnatural  process, must respect the natural ways of a  horse and embrace his spirit.

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