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Trudi Dempsey

creative equine training

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  1. Balance I- Introduction   -Expores just what we mean by equestrian balance.
  2. Balance II - He would tell me….  - Continuing a look at equestrian balance, this time I consider emotional balance.
  3. Balance III -  Physical Balance, a Classical Fusion -Part 3 of the balance articles looks at training basic physical balance.
  4. What is Classical Dressage?- Classical dressage in a nutshell, originally written for interdressage.
  5. Seeking Connection- Connection demystified, originally written for competitors in the Baroque classes at Interdressage.
  6. The Horse does all the work- An insightful look at rider fitness.
  7. What is McTimoney Therapy - Helen Jacks-Hewett herself a McTimoney Practitioner explains her work as an equine massage therapist.
  8. Contact - What's in a definition - How do we define contact, that intimate connection?
  9. Contact II- What’s in a definition - Howdowe define contact, that intimate connection?